If there is a word that best represents Paolo Rizzato's work that would be balance. As he likes to put it, designing is composing, putting together concepts, ideas, aspirations and knowledge from different fields and times.
Mirandolina by Paolo Rizzatto

Functionality, expression, meaning, technology, he wisely combines them to create unique and new products, with a subtle formal link to the past and exceptional attention to technology. Such a holistic understanding of design has brought us big innovations and products that have become icons of our times, such as the Costanza and the Berenice lamps. 
Mirandolina is a perfect example of Rizzato's ability to "compose", the project's conceptual and technical heart is the lamp holder, which supports also the blown glass diffuser, the switch and lamp itself.

Mirandolina by Paolo Rizzatto

Designer: Paolo Rizzatto
Company: Luceplan
Year: 2005
Materials: aluminum and blown glass

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