B-Side: Apero

We have the bad habit of looking to the back side of objects. Sometimes we discover complete different languages, or hidden details that tell more about the product, and sometimes they happen to be even more interesting than the official face; no matter what we find is always worth the time.

Apero is a chaise longue made of a steel structure and a raw leather cover hand stitched to it. 
The main particularity about this project is that the leather used is not tanned or chemically treated in any way but is sewn to the supporting structure when still damped, and it dries out in a second moment. In the process of drying the leather contracts, applying great tension forces to the structure that has been designed to support such forces; the chair's final shape is therefore the result of the two materials adapting one to the other, a very interesting concept. 
The backside of this lounge chair is simply stunning, a series of leather strings tie the cover to the structure, forcing it's shape and position once the leather has dried out, the natural translucency of the raw leather donates a unique visual quality.


Company: Sumampa
Year: 2004
Materials: raw leather and steel


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