Designing with Air

Frederik Van Heereveld has spent the past few years exploring the many possibilities that a rather ordinary material has to offer to the world of furniture: PPE, or expanded polypropylene as more commonly known.

Exploiting the outstanding physical qualities of expanded polypropylene: incredibly lightweight, water resistant, structurally strong, fully recyclable and cost-effective, the designer came out with a fresh looking product, the modular seater Q-Couch. 

The biggest creative challenge was probably defying the rather poor aesthetic value of a material commonly used for low cost, disposable applications such as packaging, proposing a fresh, quality looking object. The result is both appealing and respectable, and surely succeeded over the too-common-to-be-cool idea that ordinary materials often imply. 

Thin modules of ARPRO®, the stronger cousin of PPE, can be easily attached to each other, creating longer or shorter configurations and playing with the use of bright colours, which enhances the casual, smart character of the seat.



Designer: Feek
Company: Movisi
Year: 2006
Materials: ARPRO EPP

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