Designing Futuristic Textiles

I saw these wonderful explorations for textiles at a Eindhoven Design Academy exhibit in Milan some years ago, and remained captivated by their power; they emanate a subtle sense of horror and at the same time a compelling need for touching and feeling them.
Designing Textures

Inspired by new imaginary archetypes of animals, fetishism and instinct, dutch designer Bart Hess created a fantastic collection of artificial furs, an astonishing set of textiles developed by wisely blending materials not commonly used in fashion: plastics, metals, silicon and technical foils. 
Exploring the physical characteristics of natural furs such as the tactile qualities, reflection and three-dimensionality; he manipulated and magnified those characteristics, translating them into an irresistible set of futuristic textiles called A Hunt for Hightech
Hess has developed a method for producing the furs in automated ways, which enables him to create bigger pieces in faster ways.

Designing Textures
  Designing Textures

A Hunt for Hightech 
Designer: Bart Hess
Year: 2007

1Materials: plastics, metals, silicon, technical foils and a whole lot of talent

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