Milan Design Week 09: Moroso

Moroso brought to Milan the powerful energy of Africa, in a fantastic installation designed by Stephen Burks and commissioned by Patrizia Moroso, who strongly wanted to highlight the contemporary African culture.
Milan Design Week 09 - Moroso

A fantastic collection of striking colours, patterns and weaves enriched a series of products made in Africa by local artisans and designed by some of the leading African artists such as Fathi Hassan, Soly Cisse and architect David Adjaye, but also by european designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Philippe Bestenheider. 
Bibi Seck and Ayse Birsel present a weaved rocking chair and the large armchair Madame Dakar, Stephen Burks created a series of low tables and chairs in colourful plastic weaving.
Urquiola signs a bench made of weaved coloured plastic strings and Rift, an upholstered armchair. Bestenheider designed Binta, a bold upholstered seater dressed with a variety of fabrics with combining vivid colours and patterns. 
Loads of stunning pictures after the jump.


Beautiful ! Lovely collection.

Incredible feast of colours!
And they all add to the beauty of the original Urqiola's designs!

it was beautiful indeed, a fantastic celebration to a culture that has been ignored for too long


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