Slow Chair

The beauty and the intelligence of the Slow chair designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec converge in the custom knitted sling that covers it.
Slow Chair

The idea of having a strong, flexible textile as the main support of the chair assures great comfort while providing both physical and visual lightness, but it wasn't easy to produce. 
As simple as the result may be, the Slow chair presented big challenges to the Bouroullecs. When they first showed the idea to Vitra, they were told that a knitted structure resistant enough to hold a person could not be possible, but fortunately several mock-ups and verification prototypes proved them wrong. 
The solution came out of a rather simple tubular frame and a very resistant, elastic polyester knit stretched over it, as though a tight stocking. The weave is quite soft and extremely stretchy. Before it is attached, the cover of the backrest is about the size of a child's sweater. 
The textile interacts with the structure that supports it; in fact, the texture becomes very dense close to the edges, completely covering the structure's frame. A thin seat cushion and two small woollen backrest cushions in contrasting colours ensure that you will want to sit for as long as possible.

Slow Chair

Slow Chair

Slow Chair 
Company: Vitra 
Year: 2007 


Vamos spotd,it!!!


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