Bended Beauty

Stefan Diez is a talented designer with a hand for techniques, his passion for research and his dexterity with materials take him to challenge the limits of constructive processes.
Slow Chair

His latest design, the Houdini chair and armchair, are great examples of how powerful the hands-on approach to design is for achieving innovative and out of the box results. 
Inspired in a technique used in aeroplane model making, Diez has used a series of 4 mm plywood sheets and bent them around the milled solid wood base, this different shaped wood rings form the shell-like back of the chairs and the seat. 
This innovative technique allows not only to have an extremely lightweight object with a unique shape but also to avoid the use of nails or screws; the curved pieces of plywood are glued to the wood base.

Slow Chair
  Slow Chair

Slow Chair  

Slow Chair

Designer: Stefan Diez
Company: E15
Year: 2009
Materials: Oak-veneered plywood and solid wood

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