Dressed Armchair

The new armchair designed by Jorg Boner and manufactured by the swiss company Wogg is an upholstered piece with great personality; what makes Wogg 42 really unique is the upholstery being completely independent from the chair structure, dressing it as if it was an ultra-modern kimono or a fashionable coat.
Wogg 42

Two pieces of technical fabric and a soft padding are welded together using the high frequency technique, the resulting subtly padded upholstery is then folded into a three-dimensional surface that covers the chair's functional areas, assuring the needed comfort. The geometrical quilt scheme of the upholstery reveal the folding lines, guiding the process and assuring the final form; the flexible textile cover is then snapped to the solid wood frame with standard press-studs. 
Boner has created a refreshing upholstered chair but has also innovated the manufacturing process, by simplifying the production steps and assemblage, and enhancing the possibilities for varied product expressions thanks to the use of different materials, colours and prints.

Wogg 42

Wogg 42
Wogg 42

Wogg 42 
Designer: Joerg Boner
Company: Wogg
Year: 2009
Materials: solid ash and technical textiles




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