Illusory Softness

Moment is the name of a series of strongly and primarily concept-based sofas designed by Swedish collective Front for Italian upholstery master Moroso.

Born from the critical observation that "we consume design as an image", the designers ironically propose a series of illusory objects that aren't what they appear to be but the exact opposite. 
Playing with the immediate duality of opposing concepts such as softness and hardness they conceived the Soft Wood sofa, which is basically a big block of soft foam covered with a wood print textile, the Cushion sofa that represents a bunch of soft and cosy cushions but is only a flat and rather hard surface printed with the photography of those dreamy cushions you should not have, and the Draped sofa that wants to be a slippery and shiny silk textile thrown on a sofa but turns to be an unaccomplished promise. The result is voluntarily disappointing.

Our mission and passion at is to take a deep look into the content of design; understanding what's behind the product is for us as important as the product itself, and very likely what keeps us from being enthusiastic about the Moment collection is the final product. The immediacy of the concept behind these sofas donates them of communicative appeal; their irony is easy to catch but somehow it feels that talking is more important than being lived for these products. Maybe after all we don't want to live of illusions.

Moment Collection
Designer: Front
Company: Moroso
Year: 2009
Materials: photographic printed textiles


"unaccomplished promise" - a good general characterization, but I wonder: why is this wide published then?


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