Interview: Riccardo Blumer

Riccardo Blumer's conception of design is lead by research, exploration and challenge. His products are the extension of an ever-going personal evolution process that constantly pushes him to challenge the boundaries of materials and techniques.
Riccardo Blumer

How's your creative process?

I always try to do what puts me in the condition of learning new things, using what I have learned so far. I work mainly projecting images of projects that are paradoxical and impossible but that I believe can be somehow built.

Riccardo Blumer

sketches for the Ghisa system manufactured by Alias, 2008

What's the best tool you use?

My feelings and my body, and above all my hands.

Could you do what you do without a computer?

I don't understand why we shouldn't; we have always done things without computers. Computers slow people down. 

Riccardo Blumer

Riccardo Blumer

Prototypes for Ghisa system manufactured by Alias, 2008

Which is the hardest part in the process of creating a new object?

The part when the shape has to communicate the fundamentals of the project, variables are infinite and you can easily ruin everything. 
It's however determining that the project is actually based in a set of fundamentals that have to be shaped.

and the most fun?

The faces of those who see it for the very first time. 

Riccardo Blumer

Dinamica chair manufactured by Alias, 2009

The most important skills a designer should have?

Chemistry, physics, maths, philosophy, literature and a whole lot of manual skills.

Riccardo Blumer

Origami chair and table for Ycami, 2007

Who gave you the best lessons?

My father and Dante Alighieri.

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

A farmer.

Best thing you have done so far:

Never those already done but those that we are currently working on. Things are knowledge that follow each other unavoidably.

What's next?

I only know that I have to start a series of experiments, they will tell me what's next. 

Milan, May 2009

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