Milan Design Week 09: Senseware

Senseware was a superlative show in Milan last April, a fantastic showcase of technology and creativity for a brief look into the near future.
Milan Design Week 09 - Tokyo Fiber 09

Tokyo Fiber invited a selected group of designers, artists and architects encouraging them to find useful applications for their innovative advanced fibers; the results were simply astonishing. Without intelligent ideas the potentials of new materials remain unrealized, the creative talent is capable of translating those potentials into real and tangible solutions for everyday life. 
Nendo used Smash, a mouldable non-woven fabric, to create a series of lampshades shaped by filling the tech fabric with hot water; the material is extremely lightweight and resistant. The resulting lanterns are all different shaped and sized and host a LED lamp. 
Atelier Omoya used the ultra water-repellent fabric Monert for the most touching installation: Water Logo. Tiny drops of water form the letters of the Senseware logo on the exceptional hydro-repellent fabric, when the drops exceed a certain size they roll down the sloping surface and a new drop begins to form. The result is a smooth and fascinating shower of sparkling water drops sliding down the impenetrable black fabric. 
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Concrete becomes transparent thanks to the magic of Eska, a fabulous material embedded with large numbers of optical fibers that transmit the light from the illuminated end to the inside, making the solid, impenetrable material unexpectedly translucent. The effects of such an intelligent material in Architecture can really overturn the traditional concept of walls. 

Flower artist Makoto Azuma uses Terramac, a biodegradable 3D fabric derived from plants, and natural moss to create a green living carpet that will slowly evolve in time from artificial to fully natural.


Truly incredible!Just think of what these materials could do in so many different applications.

Interesting, never thought of it like that


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