Tailored Furniture

RawEdges is the creative office formed by two young and talented Israeli designers with a hand for materials and processes. They've created pretty unconventional and surprising objects; we'll certainly keep an eye on them.
Tailored Wood

Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay have a very experimental approach to design that often takes them to innovate and reverse conventions, as is the case with the Tailored Wood stool. 
Inspired in the clothing industry, they first trace the pattern of a stool as if it was to me made of a textile, then the two-dimensional shape is cit out in plywood and assembled; the resulting origami-like structure is completely filled with polyurethane foam which assures rigidity, lightweight and imprints to the object a textile-like wrinkles and movements that makes it very unique. 
This unconventional process allows them to easily customise the size and the shape of the final product, as if it was a dress adjusted to fit the person wearing it.

Tailored Wood
Tailored Wood
  Tailored Wood

Tailored Wood
Company: Raw Edges
Year: 2008
Materials: plywood and polyurethane foam

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