Wood and Plastic Mix

Trattoria is the name of the typical Italian restaurants, and Jasper Morrison's new chair for Magis was inspired precisely in the archetypical chairs you would normally find in any Italian eatery.
Trattoria Chair

Jasper Morrison's renowned super-normal vision of design has reinterpreted not just the aesthetics but moreover the physical and functional characteristics of the typical woven chair. 
Casual, low-cost, lightweight and compact; the British designer has used for Trattoria a surprising mix of wood and plastic, taking the best out of each material. The solid and extremely simple structure of the chair is made of beech wood while the seat and backrest surfaces are made of ribbed transparent polycarbonate plastic, the textured treatment recalls the characteristic weave pattern but it also adds great rigidity to the rather thin plastic piece. This refreshing and colourful product assimilates tradition and cultural memories in a deliberately formal simplicity, which is for Morrison the statement of a deeper and practical substance, the exact opposite of formal-based objects.

Trattoria Chair
  Trattoria Chair
  Trattoria Chair
  Trattoria Chair

Trattoria Chair 
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Company: Magis
Year: 2009
Materials: solid beech wood and polycarbonate

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