Fantastic Plastic

The very first object the Bouroullec brothers designed for plastic manufacturer Kartell was Panier, a rather simple (and at the same time complex) container with a great personality that shows at best the French designers ability to propose new objects that have a formal and functional link to the past.

Panier is a plastic basket, a contemporary basket made of four identical pieces of high quality polycarbonate, each of them being one fourth of a cylinder, and a lid. The pieces are connected between them with an opaque plastic clip and the crystal clear lid serves as the top of a low table. 
What attracts me of this project is its very simple and at the same time complex nature; the simple shape is enriched by the clever use of the material and its intrinsic qualities: transparency, shininess, and colourfulness. The ease of the form enhances the materiality and the extraordinary quality that has made Kartell the icon of plastic furniture, a celebration of plastics. The transparencies of the concentrical rays that shape the container's body create an interesting multi-layered pattern, as you can see through them the depth of the internal structure. This complex three dimensionality of the piece nonetheless appears light and ethereal.


Company: Kartell
Year: 2006
Materials: PMMA

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