Leather Net

The Loom series designed by Franco Poli and manufactured by MatteoGrassi is definitely a refreshing approach to the use of leather in furniture.

Born after an intense research on 3D surface patterns, the beauty and the intelligence of the Loom series lays in the use of leather in an inventive and unconventional way. 
A thick piece of natural leather is cut with high-frequency technique, drawing a pattern that expands in a three-dimensional net when the leather is bended and fixed to a stainless steel structure. 
The powerful effect of a rather simple operation such as creating small incisions into a surface is super-leather; the technique donates the material with a new and extraordinary set of physical properties such as breathability, flexibility, controlled elasticity and transparency.


Designer: Franco Poli
Company: MatteoGrassi
Year: 2006
Materials: leather

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