Naked Chair

OutofStock is a cross-continental design collective born in Stockholm and spread out around the globe (Buenos Aires, Singapore, Barcelona); this heterogeneous creative group has conceived the refreshingly clever Naked chair.
Naked Chair

The simple yet fascinating concept behind Naked is to expose the supporting structure, generally hidden in most chairs, and make that structure the absolute protagonist of the object's beauty and intelligence. 
The designers have achieved this using two interlocking pieces of solid beech and six small pieces of bent steel sheet, which once mounted complete the rigidity of the construction and provide the needed seat and backrest surfaces. 
The result is a refreshing, unique looking chair that is not only beautiful but also extremely efficient: simple and low-cost to produce, easy to transport as it packs in a flat volume-less box and is rather lightweight, and fast to assemble as the pieces are fastened together using standard wing nuts.

Naked Chair
  Naked Chair
  Naked Chair

Designer: OutOfStock
Company: OutOfStock
Year: 2008
Materials: folded steel sheet and solid beech wood



very cool design - good work!


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