Paper Chair

Parupu is the cute name for the children's chair recently presented in Milan by Swedish trio Claesson Koivisto Rune.

The particularity of the chair is to be found in its material; DuraPulp, a fantastic fully recyclable paper based material reinforced with PLA, a biodegradable plastic made from maize starch or cane sugar, which encapsulates the paper fibres when heated to 167°C. The resulting composite has the tactile and natural qualities of paper but the properties of plastic, is water resistant, is lightweight yet very strong and can be moulded. 
Parupu is the first industrial application for DuraPulp, but the people at manufacturer Södra are confident that many more will follow as designers get inspired by the good tactile and physical properties of the material and its outstanding ecological nature. 
This is a great example of holistic design; the project began with the intention of creating a fully recyclable cellulose based material, it evolved into the shape of a rounded, stackable and colourful chair that fits its intended use in kindergartens, and has been designed to the very last moments of the product life cycle. Parupu is a one piece object with no inserts that has been conceived to last the length of a childhood to later be recycled.


Company: Sodra
Year: 2009
Materials: DuraPulp


Merci pour ce tres bon article. J'espere que d'autres suivront.

THIS is why I keep reading your blog, excellent post.

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