Plastic Jewel

Patrick Jouin and plastic masters Kartell get together to bring out the best out of polycarbonate.

The French designer chooses the simplest of shapes, a cube, and concentrates his talent in the visual and expressive qualities of the material. Treating the surface with a series of low squared-based pyramids he obtains a stunning optical effect that donates the object with a powerful multi-layered personality, the product contaminates and is contaminated by its own nature. The jewel-like superficial treatment distorts whatever object or background lays behind the transparent cube, but it also alters the shape of the product itself; the simple cube shape is no longer neat and defined but tends to disappear and morph-out depending on the point of view, the surrounding environment and the reflections of the light. Optic Cube is stackable and can be used as a modular storage unit or as an end table.



Designer: Patrick Jouin
Company: Kartell
Year: 2005
Materials: PMMA

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