Scale Matters

We take design pretty seriously here at, design is for us much more than beauty and expression, is about bringing real solutions for real problems, the more those solutions are innovative, intelligent, unique, feasible, simple and based in true ideas, the more we appreciate them.

We deliberately feature real products, as the opposite to projects that never went beyond the 3D rendering stage, because we are aware that the step between a digital drawing and a real product is simply enormous, we know what it takes to produce valuable products and we truly respect and admire people capable of thinking and producing them. 
That said, today's post is not so much about the products but about the way they were presented. It was during the endless walking days of Milan Design Week that we run into a long table filled with small tableware and accessories; what got all our attention weren't the products themselves but the tiny miniatures of people in everyday circumstances placed over the products; it just blew the complete scale of the objects and gave you the feeling that you were looking at architecture and not small table lamps, the resulting atmosphere was intimate and so intriguing it pushed everyone to insistently look around for these little plastic creatures.
The effect of such a tiny detail was so powerful that we couldn't resist sharing it with you.


Objects around the Tablescape
Designer: Patrick Chia
Year: 2009

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