Domestic Throne

Patricia Urquiola masters details like no other, maybe it's a feminine approach or more likely her unique talent, whatever it is, her products have that exquisite use of textures and patterns that render them particularly cosy and memorable.

The Crinoline collection of outdoor furniture for B&B is a great example of her outstanding eye for detail. 
Made of an aluminum frame entirely covered with woven polyethylene string in a basket-like structure, the use of dual colored strands enhance the nature-inspired mood of the collection. The transparency of the open weave reveals the geometric lines of the supporting metal structure, creating a pattern in the pattern and makes the perception of the seats very light despite their rather large scale, enhancing the natural shadows the seat projects. 
The large concave shape of the seat and its mirrored base provide a wide, throne-like proportion to the seats, a contemporary domestic throne for nature lovers and stressed workers in need of some quality time. 


The Crinoline series is composed of a chair, armchair and armchair with high backrest. The armchair has a natural fiber poncho thrown over it, the loose edges and the wooden buttons that fix it to the structure provide an irresistible casual and cosy personality.

The high backrest version features a partial flowered pattern treatment that contrasts with the linearity of the main weave.  

Company: B&B
Year: 2009
Materials: aluminium frame and polyethylene weave

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