Interview: Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge is one of the most prolific british young designers of the moment, his work as light designer is both stunning and ingenious. We asked him some questions and he answered, the result is right here for you.
Paul Cocksedge

How's your creative process?

It differs depending on the project. But there is always both pleasure and pain involved.

What's the best tool you use?

My binoculars. Paul Cocksedge
Could you do what you do without a computer?

No. But then again, a lot of my work could be done by hand I suppose. We construct prototypes in our workshop ourselves for the most part and I quite like to sketch by hand. I always start on a piece of paper. Paul Cocksedge Paul Cocksedge

Which is the hardest part in the process of creating a new object?

Making everyone involved happy.

and the most fun?

Making everyone involved happy!

What does it take to "convince" a company to produce your projects?

A good presentation is vital. Some ideas are difficult to understand without proper renderings and maybe a video or animation that shows what it is about. I think the presentation text is very important as well because it not only explains in words what it is about, but also what it could be. Ideally it spurs the imagination of the client.

The most important skills a designer should have?

Originality combined with integrity.

Paul Cocksedge

Who gave you the best lessons?

The Royal College of Art.

How much does your own personality reflect in your projects?

Very much, my work reflects my fields of interest.

Paul Cocksedge

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

A diplomat.

Best thing you have done so far:

It's a secret invention.

What's next?

Romance in Milan.

Paul Cocksedge
May 2009

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