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Manufacturing Processes is both an extraordinary resource and inspirational source for design students and professionals alike.
Manufacturing Processes

Having confidence with manufacturing processes, their possibilities, potentials, limits and costs is fundamental for any product designer at all stages of the creative process. Mastering production techniques doesn't only enable their products to be manufactured in the most efficient way possible, but production methods can be greatly inspirational.

Manufacturing Processes

"Process and material selection is integral to the design of a product. The role of the designer is to ensure that the available technology will deliver the expected level of quality."

This book is a precious resource for any designer dealing with industrial production, nicely illustrated with fantastic photographs and explanatory graphs, it is also an invaluable introductory source for students and less experienced designers.

Manufacturing Processes

 Divided in 5 parts, the first four focus on established, emerging and cutting-edge techniques divided as follows: Forming, Cutting, Joining and Finishing, and the fifth part is dedicated to materials: Plastics, Metals, Woods and Ceramics and Glass.

Manufacturing Processes

"The introduction of gas reduces material consumption and the amount of pressure required in the moulding cycle. Surface finish is improved because the gas applies internal pressure while the mold is closed."

The book covers in depth established techniques such as rotation, injection, blow and gas moulding and newer technologies such as rapid prototyping, including case studies and interesting rare photographs of the manufacturing processes from inside design companies such as Magis, Luceplan and Thonet. 
  Manufacturing Processes

The section dedicated to materials showcases more than 50 materials, with detailed technical sheets, applications, finishes and a good overview of the design opportunities they offer.
  Manufacturing Processes
 Manufacturing Processes

"Process selection will affect the quality of the finish part and therefore the perceived value."

Manufacturing Processes is a must-have book, the type of book you will often come back to, seeking for information and inspiration; one of those few books that can make you a better designer.
  Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
Editor: Rob Thompson
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Year: 2007


grazie, grazie.

The standard book for the Materials & Processes: Manufacturing course at Philadelphia University.
It's great.

got this for our studio a few months ago and love it. very thorough and beautifully done with photographs and layouts. much better than other manufacturing books i've seen.

Received my copy today.....woohoo


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