Damn Lamp

To be pronounced Caray, the spanish expression for damn, the latest lamp signed by Philippe Starck and his Catalan right arm Eugeni Quitllet really stand out of the crowd.

Starck has widely proven to be an out of the box thinker with the innate ability to surprise; unlike most of his colleagues, he is either unconscious or courageous enough to re-invent himself and his design approach every time - we believe the second, he is a terribly lucid mind. 
One minute his is playing with traditional lamp typologies such as the abat-jour, the next he is reinventing a complete new typology of lamp, as is the case with the K-Ray lamp presented by Flos last April and that we expect to see soon in the market. 
Made of a non better-defined plastic and featuring a LED lamp, K-Ray is a lightweight desk lamp that induce users to hold it, its trumpet like shape embedded in a sharp rectangular box is unconventional as it is functional to the abstraction of the lamp core elements: the light source and the resulting cone of light, the needed aeration flow and the power cable.




Company: Flos
Year: 2009
Materials: non better-defined plastic

Design Shows


  • Interview: Eugeni Quitllet
    When we first saw his name close to that of Philippe Starck we googled, with no luck. There was no human trace of Eugeni Quitllet and we thought, for a brief moment, that he could be an invention, some sort of imaginary alter ego created by his famously provocative partner. But shortly after all this revealed to be a product of our unquiet imagination: he is for real, thank goodness.

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