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Do we live in over-illuminated world? Are we afraid of facing the shadows? Light is with no doubts an environmental, economical and an emotive subject that interests us all.
In Praise of Shadows

The lighting industry is currently facing an important change with the recent introduction of LEDs, OLEDs, CFLs and the new European regulations, which starting September 1st 2009 restricts the manufacture and import of 100W incandescent lamps. Design is certainly a main player in this process and the famous V&A Museum decided to explore the potentials of low-energy lighting presenting the work of 20 European designers. 
The exhibited lamps were the only lighting source available in the completely dark rooms containing the museum's collection; the result was a calm and evocative atmosphere that augmented the curiosity and the contemplation need of visitors; because after all, is thinking about how we use energy that is critical to sustainability.

In Praise of Shadows
Fragile Future designed by Drift, an interesting exploration of the amalgamation of nature and technology by using real dandelion heads.
  In Praise of ShadowsQueen's Chandelier designed by Puff-Buff, made of inflatable PVC bubbles illuminated with LEDs.
  In Praise of ShadowsSonumbra designed by Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl of Loop
  In Praise of Shadows
  In Praise of ShadowsSolar Lampion designed by Damian O'Sullivan
  In Praise of Shadows
Hulger think low-energy light bulbs can have a total different aspect.  

In Praise of the Shadows 
Curator: Jane Whiters 
Year: 2009

Design Shows


  • Interview: Eugeni Quitllet
    When we first saw his name close to that of Philippe Starck we googled, with no luck. There was no human trace of Eugeni Quitllet and we thought, for a brief moment, that he could be an invention, some sort of imaginary alter ego created by his famously provocative partner. But shortly after all this revealed to be a product of our unquiet imagination: he is for real, thank goodness.

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