Design Icons: Taraxacum

Designed 21 years ago by the greatest Achille Castigioni, we are safe to say the Taraxacum 88 lamp produced still today by Flos is one of the strongest design icons of modernity.
Taraxacum 88

Made with 20 die-cast polished aluminium equilateral triangles hinged together to shape an icosahedron, each triangle hosts 3 light bulbs, which means there's a total of 60 light bulbs in the smaller version of the lamp, with the bigger version hosting up to 200 hundred bulbs. Very likely no designer nowadays would manage to advance a similar proposal without being considered a true danger to the planet. 
Castiglioni aimed to create the modern version of traditional multi-flame chandeliers, and he used technology and intelligence to achieve a simple yet highly effective object that provides the outstanding visual effect of chandeliers.

Taraxacum 88

Taraxacum 88 
Company: Flos
Year: 1988
Materials: die-cast polished aluminium

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