Interview: Jasper Morrison

British designer Jasper Morrison has created a remarkable amount of products following his super-normal approach to design, in which great attention to substance and function is presented with outstanding formal simplicity. We had some questions for him, here are his answers.
Jasper Morrison

What's the best tool you use?

A retractable Bic biro.

Jasper Morrison

Could you do what you do without a computer?

Not any more, we are dependent on them these days.

Which is the hardest part in the process of creating a new object?

Transforming the initial idea into a real product.
  Jasper Morrison

and the most fun?

Seeing this transformation happen.

What does it take to "convince" a company to produce your projects?

So long as we are sure of what we have designed we can convince the company.
  Jasper Morrison

The most important skills a designer should have?

A good pair of eyes and a brain which is good at making random associations.

Who gave you the best lessons?

The best lessons have been in the factory, seeing more and more possibilities of manufacturing is like expanding your vocabulary, it gives you more possibilities of expression.

Jasper Morrison

How much does your own personality reflect in your projects?

I think quite a lot.

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

I would fall back on my other favourite pastimes, and become a part-time photographer, cook, cyclist and winemaker.

Best thing you have done so far:

the collective effect is better than the individual pieces I think.

What's next?

Certainly more chairs, some watches, and whatever else comes along!

October 2009

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