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We make part of a bizarre group of people that go around turn upside down chairs, examining every single detail before actually sitting down on them. If you also feel repudiated by your friends for such an strange behavior with objects, then you'll probably love our B-Side series of articles.
Frame Chair

Don't make the simple beauty of the Frame chair fool you, behind the subtle curves and the delicate lightness there's an important amount of ideas and clever projectual solutions. 
The beauty of this piece lay in the rational thinking behind it, in the way each of the many pieces, materials and production processes combine with each other naturally, performing in relation to the rest. The extruded aluminium profiles and die-cast pieces conform a perfectly structured skeleton, the frame. The elliptical profile hosts the polyester mesh covered with PVC, which creates the soft body of the chair. 
Complexity brought down to delicate simplicity, this is very likely the reason why the Frame chair has become a contemporary design icon.

Frame Chair
  Frame Chair
  Frame Chair
  Frame Chair

Frame Chair 
Designer: Alberto Meda
Company: Alias
Year: 1992
Materials: extruded and die cast aluminium and polyester and PVC mesh.


While I have to disagree on a little bit of the info, but in the end I still really liked it. I look forward to viewing more of your posts.

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