Imperfect Nature

The natural inspiration of the pending lamp designed by La Granja for Pallucco is pretty evident not only in the name they've chosen for the object, but specially in the modularity concept, which is the heart of the project, and in the individual shape of the pieces.

The object has been conceived on the proven efficient concept of using very small modules to create a much bigger construction. The resulting structure is remarkable; the fractal logics of growth applied to the modules beautifully reproduce the articulated complexity of nature. An internal structure, modular itself, supports the many branches that shape the lamp.
There's an impressive amount of intelligent creative decisions in this project, the way such a large volume is created from very small pieces, the logic behind the internal structure and the resulting beautiful composition. 
 What leaves us skeptical about this product is the fact that this clever and stunning structure is not really integrated with its function as an illuminating object. Other than it being illuminated by the light source, there's no active role or addition to the quality of the light, the construction remains an unrelated exo-structure; beautiful but imperfect.


Designer: La Granja 
Company: Pallucco 
Year: 2009 
Materials: polycarbonate modules and steel internal structure.


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