Paper and Plastic Stone

Some years ago words like sustainability, ecology, and environmentally friendly were fairly common in the theoretical or academic fields but rather absent in the real production world. Few years and several talented people later the design industry is growing to be more mature and greener than ever and we are more than pleased to see that happen.

Nordic company Artek together with Japanese architect Shigeru Ban have developed the 10-Unit-System; a furniture system based entirely in UPM ProFi, a composite material made of recycled plastic and paper, mainly self-adhesive label materials. 
Not only have they chosen an environmental friendly material, they have taken their ecological principle to the very roots of the project. Ban has preferred the efficiency of a modular system; using only one L shaped piece is possible to assemble tables, benches and chairs. The squared based geometry of the module and its repetition confers to the resulting furniture unusual proportions and a rather aged and monotonous feel that to some extent devaluates the underlying project philosophy.


Designer: Shigeru Ban
Company: Artek
Year: 2009
Materials: UPM ProFi

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