Paper World

Likely driven by the global economic crisis and the awareness for ecology, designers and companies have turned to affordable, known and easy to elaborate materials. We have noticed the recurrence to a very common material: paper.
Paper World

Used either as a light diffuser, the structural element of furniture, recycled for evergreen toys or as an attempt to make products out of waste, the many lives of paper are surely worth of note and yet another example of how powerful creative thinking can be. Regardless of advanced technology and processing methods, one of the oldest materials known to humanity still offer a great amount of possibilities to creative minds, and companies willing to make the world a favour. 
After the jump a few inspiring examples.

Paper World
Using print errors Collective Paper Aesthetics create modules that can be assembled into temporary lights, installations or used as a construction game for kids.
  Paper World
  Paper WorldPaper lamp by Charlie Davidson, not highly performing but surely intriguing, specially the black version.
  Paper World Colorful Arrow cardboard chair by a Bulgarian sculpture and designer, Konstantin Achkov for Cherga.
  Paper WorldMolo is one of the first and more serious players in commercializing paper and tyvek products, their portfolio includes seaters, lamps, low tables and space dividers.
  Paper World
  Paper World
Design, print and build your own chair, an exhibit by Claystation, Blueprint and swedish paper company Whitelines. London 2009
  Paper WorldThe Cloud Walk chandelier designed by Yu Jordy Fu, inspired in the ancient chinese craft of cutting paper to record the joys of life brings out the emotional side of paper.
  Paper WorldWe adore the clever, 100% recycled cardboard toys of Kids on Roof, beautiful prints of nature textures inspire kids into assembling fabulous trees and animals.

Not to mention the new composites made mainly of paper, such as the 10 Unit System by Artek and the Parupu chair made of DuraPulp.


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