Design Icons: Eames Lounge

Designed back in 1956 by the innovative genius of Ray and Charles Eames, the Eames Lounge is one of the few objects to deserve its own page in Wikipedia.
Eames Lounge

Three curved plywood shells joined together by a series of beautiful aluminum spines host the comfy upholstered cushions, which were a true innovation at the time; the cushions are zipped to a hard plastic piece which is fastened to the wooden structure by hidden clips. 
The Eames were great innovators, they explored new technologies and materials while making sure the final object was comfortable and beautiful; they pioneered the use of moulded plywood, fiberglass and wire mesh.  
Charles and Ray Eames were involved in every step of the product development, their approach to design was experimental and extensive to every aspect of the object, in Charles own words: "the details are not the details, they make the design."

Eames Lounge
  Eames Lounge
  Eames Lounge

Eames Lounge 
Designer: Ray and Charles Eames
Company: Vitra
Year: 1956
Materials: plywood and upholstered leather


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