Milan 2010: Kartell

The multicoloured products of Kartell turn black this year, but there's no reason to panic, the pure black edition is only for Salone del Mobile, the new products will be available in all the shinny striking colours Kartell has accustomed us.
Kartell 2010

In a museum-like exhibit and rigorously in black Kartell displays 16 new products; some are production versions of objects first presented last year such as the Masters chair and the Ghost Buster bedside table by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet, but most of them are brand new and exciting products.
Our favorite one is the striking Magic Hole series, sofas and armchair for outdoors with Starck's characteristic style and a nice twist: a fluorescent pocket housed in the armrests to hold whatever you fancy.
Inspired in the decor of windsor chairs Patricia Urquiola signs the Comback chair which fits her feminine-retro-yet-modern style perfectly, the girls from Front show a circular magazine rack and Nendo is responsible of the rather boring Sundial bookshelf. Ferruccio Laviani presents his flowery Bloom lamp and Tokujin Yoshioka shows his announced and too conceptual Invisible armchair, which says a lot about the outstanding manufacturing abilities of Kartell. 
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Kartell 2010
Magic Hole by Starck and Quitllet

Kartell 2010
Claudio Luti and Philippe Starck with the Magic Hole outdoors series.
  Kartell 2010
Starck's Tic & Tac clocks for Kartell

Kartell 2010
Urquiola's Comeback chair
  Kartell 2010
The front page magazine rack by Front

Kartell 2010

Kartell 2010
The shinny Bloom lamp by Ferruccio Laviani 

Kartell 2010

Kartell 2010
Mario Bellini presents his Moon bowl.
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