Pressed Glass

Tom Dixon's last collection pays homage to industrial production processes, exposing the rough beauty of the manufacturing method and its characteristic signs: blunt-edged facets and mould seams.
Pressed Glass

The Pressed Glass lamps are made by mechanically compressing molten glass in a mould, which is then annealed in an oven. This mass production process was perfected in the 19 century but the Egyptians casted glass as early as 5 BC, nowadays pressed glass is rarely used in contemporary design industry. 
Dixon's creative point of start is the production process itself, which inspires and gives shape to the final products, imprinting them with a characteristic set of features such as the heavyweight, the rounded edges, the evident mould veins and the robust, hardwearing materiality. The result is bold, honest and irresistibly materic.

Pressed Glass

Lens lamp 
Designer: Tom Dixon
Company: Tom Dixon
Year: 2009
Materials: pressed glass


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