Impossible is nothing

well, at least for Starck and italian manufacturer Kartell.
Mr. Impossible

Mr. Impossible is not yet another chair, well I guess it is, but is a beautiful and challenging one. The concept is rather simple: a seat that floats in the air as if the legs didn't exist. 
The legs do exist of course, in the shape of a completely transparent one-piece shell that is welded with the coloured one-piece shell that makes the seater.
Mr Impossible represents the most advanced plastics manufacturing technology, the two pieces are invisibly weld thanks to the first application of laser in the world of design. Nothing world-changing, but impressive and appealing; a strong statement from the company that turned plastics into jewels and the designer that makes us always look.

Mr. Impossible
  Mr. Impossible
 Mr. Impossible

video via Velocity Art

Mr Impossible 
Designer: Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet
Company: Kartell
Year: 2008
Materials: polycarbonate


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