Industrial Upholstery

Gilli Kuchik explores the industrializing opportunities of upholstery, with very interesting results.
Industrial Uplholstery Chair

I'm not in love with the final shape and the proportions of this chair, but the idea is simply brilliant. 
Upholstery is a technique that hasn't changed much with time and remains a highly handicraft process. Gilli Kuchik from Israeli design group Bakery explores the opportunities of industrializing upholstery and comes up with a fantastic idea where structure and upholstery become one. The textile is arranged in layers, which are sewn with each other creating a pattern that is also a path; the interstitials in fact are filled with different density polyurethane that structures the chair body and donates the needed softness.

Industrial Uplholstery Chair
  Industrial Uplholstery Chair
  Industrial Uplholstery Chair
  Industrial Uplholstery Chair

Industrial Upholstery 
Designer: Gilli Kuchik
Company: not yet in production, experimental prototypes.
Year: 2010
Materials: textile and polyurethane


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