Design equals idea.

Design is knowingly a wide discipline. Designers have different approaches to the creative process and I'm fascinated by each of them; mannerism, functionalism, minimalism, holistic, reuse, whatever intellectual activity triggers the creation of outstanding products makes me smile. I've come to understand there is a common factor in each of the many and variable products that make me personally smile: an idea. Meaning that tiny, revolutionary, simple, refreshing click that makes any new object really new and worth it.
Japanese creative trio 3-1 design formed by Aihara Kazuhiro, Hara Miho and Tomoya Yoshida came up with a little brilliant idea: sewing a stainless steel thread into a piece of cloth ads on that minimun structure needed to shape it into a brief container, a delicate food cover or a perfect wrap. 



Designer: 3-1 design
Company: not in production
Year: 2010
Materials: cloth and stainless steel thread


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