God is in the Details

Spotd.it is the first design blog to focus entirely in the details of design, because details reveal the product's essence, they can tell better than words what's behind the designer's mind.

Exclusive Contents

At Spotd.it you will find only exclusive photographs and selected editorial content. 
What you see at spotd.it you haven't seen elsewhere.

No pixels, good photographs

We go around hunting for intelligent, beautiful, and outstanding Design, and that's the reason why we use exclusive photographs taken by ourselves of real products, no renderings or visualizations. 

Inside Design

As designers we deeply believe DESIGN is about CONTENT and not shape. This could appear as an obvious statement but more and more we see around products that are not PROJECTS but mere shapes, or computer renderings of shapes; with no quality ideas supporting them.  

Spotd.it is about the Content of Design: ideas, materials, details, project insights, manufacturing processes and solutions, product reviews and designer's thinking process.

Everyday, once a month.

Spotd.it is brought to you daily, in the format of big size and powerful eye candy plus monthly based editorial articles of PROJECTS, from a designer's point of view. 

Edited from Milan by Gimena Moya Tonelli. 

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Design Shows


  • Interview: Eugeni Quitllet
    When we first saw his name close to that of Philippe Starck we googled, with no luck. There was no human trace of Eugeni Quitllet and we thought, for a brief moment, that he could be an invention, some sort of imaginary alter ego created by his famously provocative partner. But shortly after all this revealed to be a product of our unquiet imagination: he is for real, thank goodness.

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