At we are avid book readers, any kind of creativity related book attracts our curiosity.
We want to share with you our thoughts and opinions on some of the books we read so here's our new section of Reviews. Enjoy!

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  • Books: 100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers

    Insider Secrets for Working Smart and Staying Creative. It may sound like one of those "we'll-tell you-how-to-save -your-life" books but it really has a bunch of precious suggestions for us, brave freelance designers.
  • Books: How They Work

    The Hidden World of Dutch Design, a fantastic journey into the creative process of 15 dutch designers with huge photographs and insights from their studios.
  • Books: Manufacturing Processes

    Manufacturing Processes is both an extraordinary resource and inspirational source for design students and professionals alike.
  • Books: KGID

    At we are avid consumers of books, any kind of books. We thought it would be nice to share our thoughts on some of the books we read, so here's the first of our new series, the Book Reviews.

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  • Interview: Eugeni Quitllet
    When we first saw his name close to that of Philippe Starck we googled, with no luck. There was no human trace of Eugeni Quitllet and we thought, for a brief moment, that he could be an invention, some sort of imaginary alter ego created by his famously provocative partner. But shortly after all this revealed to be a product of our unquiet imagination: he is for real, thank goodness.

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