• Threaded

    Design equals idea.
  • Beat the Time

    Don't know what to do with that old vase of yours? Georgios Maridakis has got an idea.
  • Wood and Glue

    We couldn't resist to show you the chair version of Stefan Diez's Houdini series, that complete with the armchair we previously featured at
  • Design Icons: Artichoke

    The famous Artichoke lamp is not by mistake a modern design classic; beautiful, elegant, intelligent, performing, it has all the characteristics of the kind of design we at spotd love.
  • Draped Beauty

    As Vico Magistretti taught us, simplicity is the most difficult and beautiful thing in the world; it takes quite a bit of talent and sensitivity to create using as little as possible, synthesis is as powerful as difficult to achieve.
  • Damn Lamp

    To be pronounced Caray, the spanish expression for damn, the latest lamp signed by Philippe Starck and his Catalan right arm Eugeni Quitllet really stand out of the crowd.
  • Falling Drawers

    Simplicity and beauty are a powerful combination, add a handful of intelligence and a drop of surprise and you certainly got us thrilled.
  • Dynamic Design

    It's safe to say the 360° chair is a love it or hate it product, one of those objects that are impossible to ignore.
  • Leather Net

    The Loom series designed by Franco Poli and manufactured by MatteoGrassi is definitely a refreshing approach to the use of leather in furniture.
  • Naked Chair

    OutofStock is a cross-continental design collective born in Stockholm and spread out around the globe (Buenos Aires, Singapore, Barcelona); this heterogeneous creative group has conceived the refreshingly clever Naked chair.

Design Shows


  • Interview: Eugeni Quitllet
    When we first saw his name close to that of Philippe Starck we googled, with no luck. There was no human trace of Eugeni Quitllet and we thought, for a brief moment, that he could be an invention, some sort of imaginary alter ego created by his famously provocative partner. But shortly after all this revealed to be a product of our unquiet imagination: he is for real, thank goodness.

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